The Impact Lab course is also open for students during the summer! You can work with social enterprises overseas for an even more enriching experience. You'll get to work with ventures started by HKU students that are now expanding overseas. The Impact Lab Summer course is a 6-credit experiential learning course that gives you entrepreneurship opportunities together with international exposure.



Over the 4-week program, you will not only spend time working hands-on with an exciting social venture but also develop an important and marketable skill.

Your weekly schedule will consist of 4 days with the company, growing their business, with the 5th day spent designing, filming and editing a short film or promotional video for the company you are working with.


This is a great opportunity to show creativity, innovative thinking and create something of long term benefit to the company you are working with. The department has cutting edge software and equipment (think drone …) which will help you create something both you and the companies can be proud of.​

For the summer of 2020, the Impact Lab course is open for you to work in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Philippines or Taiwan! You can work for social enterprises that are now expanding to international locations and gain a unique hands-on experience of these real-life situations.



Dates: TBC

Places available: TBC

Join HKU born enterprise Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities (MYEO), or help out HKU social ventures such as Migrasia and Soap Cycling establish in a new country. Take side trips to distribute soap in smaller towns and get to know the local culture.



Dates: TBC

Places available: TBC


Travel to Taipei for a month and help to establish a social enterprise in the dynamic environment of Taiwan. 


The course is partnering with Soap Cycling and helping them expand to this new geography as well as develop local partnerships with the hospitality industry, civil society and social entrepreneurs.



Dates: TBC

Places available: TBC

Work with social ventures such as Soap Cycling and learn entrepreneurial skills while exploring either the bustling city of Manila or the more laid-back Bohol island. 

our international partners 

Soap Cycling
Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities

Hong Kong

Dates: TBC

Places available: TBC

Our partner companies here in Hong Kong continue to look for enthusiastic and dedicated interns over the summer. Working in varied sectors from Migration to Education, Ethical Money Lending and Sustainability, there are great opportunities to get involved in leading social ventures. Just take a look through our list of partner companies and find out about the great work which is taking place.


Upon the completion of your 4-week placement, you will have completed the 160 hours required to earn the 6 credit on offer from BUSI2812 (128 hours - apx 30 hours per week - with the company + 32 hours on the video). We will also be running orientation sessions during the months of April and May which you will be required to attend in order to be ready for your summer SVM journey.

Timeline for 2021 intake will be published in November 2020


Send CV & Motivation Letter by 02 Feb (23:59) via a form linked below.


Due to the current situation in Hong Kong and the HKU preventive measure, briefing sessions will be conducted online using Zoom (you might need to install the app on your device first).

Impact Lab Summer - Overseas || Briefing Session


Date: Feb 4 (Tuesday), 2020

Time: 16:00 (Hong Kong time)


Register here: 


Impact Lab Summer - HK || Briefing Session

Date: Feb 7 (Friday), 2020 

Time: 16:00 (Hong Kong time)


Register here: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Selected students will be informed by 14 Feb and invited to register by 21 Feb. The deposit needs to be paid by 28 Feb. Any late registrations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to availability.

NOTE: We are applying the first-come-first-served principle meaning students who decide and register early will be given preference.


Students will be officially enrolled on the HKU portal and will have their orientation session on logistics as well as a mandatory health talk ​in Mar & Apr.


Several meetings will be held with the course instructors to prepare students for the class overseas between late April and May.


Students will start their work in Jun (the exact date is based on the destination) for 4 consecutive weeks contributing 30 working hours per week to the organisation they will be working with.


Students will be assessed throughout the placement by their direct supervisor and final grades will be published in August. For more information about the course deliverables please refer to the syllabus.


Full-time FBE students will be reimbursed upon submission of all the relevant receipts and documents after the return from the overseas placement (this does not apply to HK based student interns). Details will be provided by the course TA.

stipend & fees



The stipend is available to all full-time HKU students from the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) and is supposed to cover most of the program costs such as air tickets, accommodation, transportation between airport and hostel and/or local transportation. The stipend is not supposed to cover all of the student's costs - meals and pocket money are the responsibility of a student. The university has general health insurance coverage for all students going overseas but additional private insurance is encouraged.


NOTE: Students will claim an aggregate of stipend at the maximum of the amount or based on the total actual expenses, whichever is lower. There is no specific limitation on the sub-item though (e.g. if you decide to spend 5,800 on an air ticket to travel to Myanmar, all the subsidy will be spent on that one item).

There might be other scholarships available to help students from other faculties cover some of their expenses if they decided to join the course.

FEES (non-FBE students only)

The payment from non-FBE students is to cover the teaching cost and contingency. Other indirect costs will be paid by students directly (not included in this fee - e.g. flights, accommodation, etc.). The payment should be deposit into HKU’s account (number will be provided to the successful applicant). Non FBE students have to submit the bank-in-slip to the Faculty Office as a token of commitment. The students will only be enrolled on SIS upon payment.  

NOTE: There are no fees, nor stipend for participating in the summer course in Hong Kong. It is not possible to provide student hall for the duration of the internship period for non-local but full-time HKU students.



If you have any question, please consult our FAQ section first before reaching out to in case your question is not answered.


If you still want to join the course, you can do so before the end of March by emailing your CV and motivation letter for the company you are interested in via

Application closes on 02 Feb (23:59). Applicants will need to send their CV and Motivation Letter as well as attend one of the interview and briefing sessions on either 4, 5 & 6 Feb. The attendance to the session with the instructor is mandatory in order to be considered for the course. 


NOTE: Students cannot add this course by themselves but need to be accepted by the instructor first. 

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