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By taking an internship through the SVM program you will get to test-drive your knowledge and skills; find a myriad of professionals and potential role-models; strengthen your CV, develop a network, and importantly you will get to do good and have a positive social impact in the progress. Overall, it can be the experience of a lifetime and set the foundation for your future career.

hear what our PREVIOUS students say about the course


Intern at Soap Cycling

"Soap Cycling gave me the opportunity to build my confidence, communication skills, and my work ethic. It motivated me to continue to apply for other internships in the NGO sector both locally and internationally."

Current role: UN Youth Task Force Coordinator


Intern at 852 Designs

The course was challenging academically, but great fun! I have been given the opportunity to solve real-life problems, to manage a team, and gain hands-on business experience. The team consisted of several different nationalities, which have been interesting and rewarding – and this has also improved my communication skills. I felt valued during the semester, and therefore strongly motivated.  


I highly, and genuinely, recommend considering this course – if you want to improve your business skills, improve your communication skills, and implement academic business concepts in a practical way; this is the right course for you!


Intern at Soap Cycling

Being part of Soap Cycling is an extraordinary experience for me. Not only did it allow me to acquire hands-on experience in a working environment, it also gave me a platform to showcase my abilities. There are numerous ongoing projects that both challenges and brings out the potential in each individual. This course is unlike other courses in the sense that you get to work towards a unique goal with your team while enjoying the process of achieving something meaningful together. I have gained valuable experiences, made great friends and strengthened my problem-solving skills via this course!

Aragon, USA

Intern at Soap Cycling

"The skills I gained at Soap Cycling prepared me for my future career and I don't think I would be in the position I am in today without it."

Current role: Program Operations Associate at Girls Who Code


Intern at SIPO

"This course was the best one I took while my exchange in Hong Kong U. I gained practical skills through hands-on work at developing a social business from the ground. Professor Bishop trusts his students and gives them room for creativity and own judgement, which really helped me later on in my professional life. I found a topic I was passionate about, the mix between finance and development.

I built long-lasting relationships with my team members and It allowed me to discover a perspective of the city that I would not have by taking normal courses."

Filipowicz, POLAND

Intern at MYEO

"The internship definitely showed me a more real-life application to start ups and challenges of working in a company. I think I'm way more prepared for what's to come in my first job (working in teams, establishing communication channels, gathering information, client's approach, etc.) and I'll use this experience on many upcoming job interviews."

Chia, Singapore

Intern at Soap Cycling

Together with the team, we managed to achieve substantial progress in the goals that we set out to meet. For instance, we amassed contacts for the Bike Trip and managed to push more things through for Soap Cycling's operations in Singapore. Through the internship I've learned how to communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures. I've also tasted a glimpse of the expectations of corporates through the sessions Soap Cycling organises. Overall, this internship has given me to gain exposure, network with corporates as well as to give me a real chance to run a business - this will definitely help in the long run.

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